Welcome Message

Executive Director’s Message

Wisdom in Action

Education is about seeking and pursuing knowledge, challenging our intellect and never losing our curiosity in the search for truth. And out of this knowledge grows wisdom. With wisdom comes maturity and perspective, enhancing self-esteem and confidence to face the challenges and opportunities ahead.

HSU Siu-man
Executive Director
The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Principal’s Message

Welcome to HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College (HLC)!

Echoing our school motto “Wisdom in Action”, we have designed the Overall Aims of HLC curriculum as follows:

1. To reach a high level of biliterate & trilingual proficiency in order to connect with the global community

2. To master solid generic skills:
Creative, innovative and information literate

3. To understand and develop oneself
Set personal goals, make wise life choices and prepare for lifelong learning

4. To achieve well-being and build a flourishing life

5. To develop good interpersonal skills
Effective collaboration with others embracing diversity and individuality

6. To become leaders of tomorrow
Serve the community, nation and the world by embodying 3S: Self-directed learning, Self-discipline & Self-efficacy

Throughout 6 years of quality education in HLC, HLCians become well equipped to be lifelong learners and to prepare for the future. Active roles in learning activities and effective collaboration with others enable HLCians to build a flourishing life, think beyond Tin Shui Wai, think beyond Hong Kong and open their eyes to the universe. We wish HLCians will all serve the world by embodying 3S and become leaders of tomorrow.

Lin Chun Pong
HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College