Meaning of Life

Meaning of Life

Meaning can be described as a personal commitment on a thing that provides a sense of transcendence to the person. A meaningful and valuable life is vital to the path of flourishing.


Life Planning

Life planning is an ongoing and lifelong process for personal fulfillment, with different foci at different stages of the life time. At the schooling stage, life planning education plays a significant role in fostering students’ self-understanding, personal planning, goal setting, reflective habits of mind and articulation to progression pathways.

Service Learning

“To learn and to serve, in sprit and in truth, a better world we shall build, til’ all nations live in peace.” To encourage service learning throughout student’s entire school life, HLC provides a structured programme to let our students learn and construct a broad and solid knowledge base, together with diverse service learning experiences including overseas service tours, moral leaders training (MCE Ambassadors), outing activities and so on. We emphasise positive values such as respect for pluralism in society, care for others and empathy which are all essentials for pursuing a meaningful life.

Career Guidance and Counselling

Career Team and Form Teachers conduct group and individual counselling with different foci at various stages of secondary studies. The data of Guidance is collected from Cambridge Occupational Analysis (CoA) and CLAP for Adventure.

School Based Workshop

In order to empower students to make informed and responsible choices leading to a meaningful life, workshops have been arranged to foster self-understanding and reflective habits of mind.

Civic & National Education

We aim to develop HLCians as a responsible citizen with a sense of belonging, civic awareness, national identity and appreciation of traditional values through partnerships with the Department of Liberal Studies, Chinese History, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Economics as well as different non-government organizations.