Self-directed Learning

HLC is committed to nurturing self-directed, independent, lifelong learners. Through provision of resources, guidance, developing of learning skills and strategies, we encourage students to explore topics that pique their interest outside the classroom, cultivate an active learning atmosphere and develop our students to be fervent learners.

Pedagogically, preview and learning guides are included to encourage students to explore the lesson content before they engage in discussions and learning tasks in class. This, we believe, promotes research skills, enhances critical thinking, encourages peer learning, develops a congenial learning atmosphere and ultimately raises the quality of learning and teaching.

HLC has launched the Self-directed Learning (SDL) Award Scheme to cultivate passionate learners. We recognize that students are learning at a different pace. With the SDL Award Scheme, students are encouraged to set their own learning goals, form study groups, use resources available in the Library and Language Room and seek teachers’ guidance when necessary.

We, HLC teachers, are here to prepare our students to be passionate lifelong learners. Today, we open the door of knowledge for students; in the future, HLC students will be their own steward of learning.