Mission & Characteristics


HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College (hereafter HLC) is dedicated to the nurture and encouragement of all its students, challenging them to be the best that they can be, in and outside the classroom. HLC is committed to the pursuit of academic and intellectual achievement, the development of physical prowess and the building up of moral character and conscientiousness.


Passion for learning, knowledge and the broadening of horizons will be the hallmarks of education in HLC. We believe that this will encourage students towards a greater inquisitiveness and curiosity, not just with regard to their studies, but also towards life and the world around them.

Our Characteristics

HLC is a new English medium Direct Subsidy Scheme Secondary School in the northwest New Territories. The College will follow the six-year local secondary school curriculum.
To begin admissions in 2006, by the year 2011, HLC will be running 30 classes.


1.Knowledge as the Root; Students as the Key

HLC believes in Wisdom in Action, which is the practical application of knowledge, not only in the classroom, but outside as well. With high academic standards, students will be prepared to become lifelong learners. Knowledge in the pursuit of wisdom will be of the highest priority, reflected in the curriculum design that matches the needs of the students to the world that lies ahead.

2.English Language Learning: Literacy in both English and Chinese

English will be the major medium of instruction in HLC. While laying emphasis on biliteracy and trilingualism, HLC will focus on cultivating a first-rate language learning environment in the presence of teachers with a fluency in English. HLC will choose appropriate curriculum materials to suit the varying learning needs of students.

3.Whole-person Development Programme characterized by the 3-S Project

3-S stands for self-directed learning, self-discipline and self-efficacy. The 3-S Project puts emphasis on educating students to be masters of their own studies and conduct. This, complemented by other programmes on moral and civic education, aims at the whole-person development of the student.

4.Created a Learning Zone to Promote Strong Learning Culture

This is an area where the Library, multi-purpose learning areas and a self-study room are located. Students are encouraged to study in a conducive learning environment after school.

5.Creative Learning with Technology; Professional Collaboration

To facilitate student learning, Intranet and e-learning systems will be standard features of the HLC campus, while its classrooms and special rooms will all possess the latest technology and multi-media facilities. The use of technology in education will encourage a more meaningful interaction between teachers and students, while also allowing the pupils to learn in a creative, challenging and stimulating environment.
HLC will partner The University of Hong Kong towards the professional development of teachers, as well as focusing on curriculum design and language learning.

6.Financial Assistance; Life-wide Participation

HLC will provide merit-based scholarships and need-based financial assistance.
HLC will strive in increasing the exposure and learning experiences of students in the areas of culture, leisure, sports and arts. Exchange opportunities to broaden horizons and build networks with young people from around the world, will also be offered. Participation and service in the community, along with increased social responsibility and commitment, will be actively encouraged through volunteerism.