HLC School-based MOOCs Mentorship Programme 2016-2017

  • Lau Ngo Ying (Crystal)
    Class (No.): 4D (2)
    Name of Mentor: Mr. Edmond Lo
    Reflection: The MOOC courses fulfill my interests in different topics. They also improve my English accent and listening skills. Some of the courses are useful to the electives that I am studying in and some are about the knowledge I can’t learn in school.

One of her completed MOOCs

Essential Human Biology: Cells and Tissues

Platform edX
Mode Self-paced
Language English
Rating 4.5/5
Brief introduction Are you preparing for a health-related career, or planning to study in the health sciences? Perhaps you’re just keen to learn more about the wonders of the human body? Our bodies are amazing but complex biological machines. This course will provide you with an outstanding foundation of knowledge in human anatomy and physiology.
Name of the university University of Adelaide
  • Lui Yee Ching (Daphne)
    Class (No.): 4C (7)
    Name of Mentor: Ms. Helen WANG
    Reflection: After completing the three MOOCs, it has broadened my horizon. I now know more about cancer as well as food and health. I would like to continue my studies in these two subjects and contribute to the society someday.

One of her completed MOOCs

Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

Brief introductionThis course will shift the focus away from reductionist discussions about nutrients and move, instead, towards practical discussions about real food and the environment in which we consume it. By the end of this course, learners should have the tools they need to distinguish between foods that will support their health and those that threaten it. In addition, we will present a compelling rationale for a return to simple home cooking, an integral part of our efforts to live longer, and healthier lives.
Name of the universityStanford University
  • So Wing Lam (Kitty)
    Class (No.): 4A (6)
    Name of Mentor: Mr. Gary Tam
    Reflection: When I entered more MOOCs, I can know more about the things I am interested in. I enjoy it a lot. If I still have more time, I will join more MOOCs so that I can learn more things outside school.

One of her completed MOOCs

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Brief introductionCurious about entrepreneurship, but not sure where to start? Learn from MIT’s premier program for aspiring entrepreneurs, MIT Launch.Becoming an Entrepreneur is an innovation and business course designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to explore an entrepreneurial path and overcome some of the initial challenges in taking those first steps.No previous business or entrepreneurship experience needed. Join us to embark on your entrepreneurial journey.
Name of the universityMIT Launch
  • Chow Hei Long (Hayron)
    Class (No.): 4A (6)
    Name of Mentor: Mr. Martin Lam
    Reflection: Through MOOCs, I can learn about subjects in university and aren’t offered in secondary school. In this way, it can help me search for the subjects I want to learn in university and aim for them. Moreover, the certificates are paid by the school so it turned out that this experience is both free and beneficial to us.

One of her completed MOOCs HLS2X: Contract Law
Platform edX
Mode Self-paced
Language English
Rating 5/5
Brief introduction Learn about contracts from Harvard Law Professor Charles Fried, one of the world’s leading authorities on contract law. Contracts are promises that the law will enforce. But when will the law refuse to honor a promise? What happens when one party does not hold to their part of the deal? This version of the course adds new units on Interpretation, Agency, Partnerships, Corporations, and Government Regulation.
Name of the university Harvard University
  • Leung Ho Hon (Shawn)
    Class (No.): 1A (19)
    Name of Mentor: Ms. Laura Ho
    Reflection: I think this MOOC has helped me a lot in developing one of my hobbies – making video games.

One of her completed MOOCs Video Game Design and Balance
Platform edX
Mode Self-paced
Language English
Rating N/A
Brief introduction In this course, you’ll enter the mind of a professional game designer. You’ll learn how to design different types of games, understand the commonalities between them and learn what is at the core of every game design, including game balance and why it is key to game design.
Name of the university Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Sin Yan Wing (Erica)
    Class (No.): 5A (8)
    Name of Mentor: Ms. Lee Ka Yee
    Reflection: MOOC網上課程令我大開眼界。我在日常生活中,除了學校的文學課,鮮少接觸文學,而MOOC則提供了一個平台予我自主學習。參加了此網上課程後,我獲益良多。除了因增加課外知識而令文學成績有顯著進步外,在限定時間內完成課程的學習模式亦令我更自律及有責任感。MOOC確實是非常有效的學習途徑,希望明年能夠再接再厲,更加擴闊眼界。

One of her completed MOOCs 東坡詞 (Ci Poetry of Su Dong Po)
Platform Coursera
Mode Self-paced
Language Chinese
Rating 4.9/5
Brief introduction 東坡詞如秋夜的星光、月色,既遙遠又親近。我們以愉悅的心情展讀《東坡詞》,徜徉於〈水調歌頭〉、〈江城子〉、〈定風波〉與〈念奴嬌〉等作品裡,如晤故人,自能心領神會,除了可以看見天才駕馭技巧的藝術表現,更可貼近東坡的內在世界,親切感受一個偉大心靈的躍動,以豐富我們的生命境界,讓我們知曉如何在人情世界中尋得心靈的安頓。
Name of the university National Taiwan University
  • 4D Percy Liao Man Kit
    Completed Courses:
    1. Quantum Mechanics of Molecular Structure (University of Tokyo)
    2. The World of Wine (University of Adelaide)
    I have always dreamt to become a scientist and have been reading books about science since I was in S1. Joining this mentorship programme in HLC helps me get to my dream a step closer. I really enjoy the challenges brought by this programme because they drive me to set high goals and challenge my limits. Since many of these courses are self-paced, I have also learnt to manage my time well and persist to reach my goal. Thanks to my teachers’ support and guidance, I managed to complete two online courses, as well as my regular school work at the time.

  • 5D Mandy Wong Man Ting
    Completed Courses:
    1.Think. Create. Code. (University of Adelaide)
    I am really glad that I was one of the pioneer students to receive the opportunity provided by HKU and HLC’s Gift Education Working Group to take a programming course on MOOCs. Not only does it provide me with a big help on my school work, but the course also offers something more advanced to expand my horizon. The programme also connects me with learners around the globe, so I understand my strengths and weaknesses better. I spent a bit of time every Saturday to complete the course with students from various universities and received a certificate, which will give me such an edge and increase my chance to be accepted when I apply for university.

  • 6D Chan Wang Ho, William (2013-2014)
    I am greatly honoured for receiving the Medal of ICAS 2014 in English. Outscoring each and every single participant in Hong Kong and Macau in the Competition was no easy task, yet I would not say it is truly a challenging task in itself: the true challenge lies far back then. It would be learning, practicing and improving your English constantly that is the true challenge. When you have mastered your studies, the challenge could come any day and still look easy. it is not about the examinations or competitions, but transcending yourself and realizing the possibilities in ourselves. That would require more than what teachers could teach you: you will have to take up responsibility for your own studies and learn more outside the classroom.

  • 2A 鄧駿堯 (2013-2014)

  • 6E 鍾穎琛 (2012-2013)

  • 3B 林詠如 (2012-2013)


  • 2A 郭承謙 (2010-2011)