Library Activities


Reading to Learn Curriculum

Our school-based Reading to Learn curriculum aims to develop students’ reading strategies and develop information literacy. Inter-class activities have been organized to promote reading and develop students to be competent information seekers and users. Sessions have also been allocated for ‘DEAR’ – Drop Everything And Read. Through the introduction of graphic organizers, different online resources and strategies to avoid online scams, students will become smart readers and Internet users.

Themed Book Display

To promote reading of a wide variety of genres and topics, there is a themed book display in the Library all year round. This year, the Library displayed STEM books which appealed to our little scientists who have a thirst of extending their knowledge. We also promoted positive thinking in collaboration with the College’s Guidance Team. For mathematics talents, they could challenge their skills during our Rubik’s Cube Exhibition. We also displayed books of Hong Kong culture, environment etc. Through book displays taking a wide array of themes, it is hoped to help readers to find their own reads and help books to find their readers.

Book Fair

Library organized a book fair this year to bring the world of reading to HLCians. Luck Win Book Store was invited to organize the book fair at HLC this year. Students were recommended books by teachers during the event. Award winners of Term Test could also further enhance their learning by purchasing books at the event using the book vouchers they received for their hard work. Book vouchers were also presented avid readers who achieved Scholar Level and Achiever Level of Reading Excellence Award Programme.

Scavenger Hunt

The Library is full of treasures! To let our students know more about our College Library, a Scavenger Hunt activity was held. Students were required to answer a few questions. To win a prize, make sure you get the right author, call number etc. The better you know our Library, the higher the chance you win a grand prize.

Inter-class Book Sharing Competition

Representatives from each S.1 class promoted a book in the Inter-class Book Sharing Competition. Formats of presentations ranged from speeches to dramas. It was exciting to see how students supported their peers in a reading-rich and fun environment.

A routine of book sharing

To promote a reading atmosphere, we encourage our students to share what they have read with their peers. Students are encouraged to casually share a few thoughts on the book they have been reading. Our students enjoy listening to the sharing of their peers.

Harvard Book Prize

The following students have been awarded Harvard Book Prize this year:
Winner: 5B Victor Leung
1st Runner-up: 5B Atum Fu
2nd Runner-up: 5B Anton Yu