English Language and Literature in English

If we cannot bring students to the world, we bring the world to them. Consequently, English Department vigorously builds an ENG-vironment with foreign students being introduced to students inside and outside the classroom. Debating and drama are our two signature programmes with students given an equal voice on decision making from motion setting to research, from acting and choreography to prop making, lighting and sound.

We understand students learn at a difference pace. As teachers, we are to stretch the potential of our flyers and to consolidate the foundation of our late developers, and therefore we adopt school-based materials. Without the limitation of textbooks, teachers have the flexibility to design, adapt, and revise annually to cater the needs of our students according to their ability and interest. Another strategy to cater for learners’ diversity is to nurture students to direct their learning. We encourage our students to set achievable goals and reach their expectations in learning English through different programmes, such as Self-directed Learning Lessons. We inspire students to be their own steward of learning.