Library Activities


Book Display: Movie Tie-in Fiction

To raise interest in reading and cultivate an interest in learning English, the English Department and Library co-organized a book display on movie tie-in fiction. Through the activity, students realized how the same character, plot etc. can be portrayed differently in the book and the movie of the same title. Which version is better? It’s up to the reader/viewer to decide.

Book Display: Be a Smart Learner

The Library supports HLC Academic Affairs Committee in the promotion of effective study skills. Throughout the month, books on study skills are displayed. Let’s all be a smart learner!

Global Week Book Display- Roald Dahl

Library and English Department co-organized a display of Roald Dahl’s works during Global Week. Through the activity, students learnt more about this great children literature writer. Students also got to taste wine gum upon completion of a simple quiz.

History Class Visit

To cultivate students’ interest in History, S.5 History students are learning to write History magazine articles. They visited the Library and learnt the writing skills reading the articles in the magazine titled All about History. We look forward to read students’ original works soon.




The BookCrossing

Chinese Literature Department and HLC Library are co-organizing “the BookCrossing”.

We aim to promote a reading atmosphere, encourage students to share their reading experiences and create a reading community.

Wellness Week Book Display

The Library supports HLC Guidance Working Group in the promotion of wellness. Throughout the month, books on well-being, relationships and happiness are displayed. Let’s relax!



Writer’s Talk: Avin Tong

Ms Avin Tong, a well-known young writer, shared her writing and reading experiences with our students on 15thDecember, 2017. Ms Tong majored in Journalism and minored in Gender Studies at Chinese University of Hong Kong, where she obtained Master of Philosophy in Journalism and Communication. In 2005, she participated in a fantasy romance novel writing competition organized by Crown Publishing (HK) in which