S1 Admission Information

Revised Administrative Arrangements on S1 Discretionary Places Applications
有關中一自行分配學位行政程序的修訂安排The deadline to notify the College and retrieve the signed undertaking and the original copy of the Primary 6 Student Record Form is extended from 7 April 2020 (Tuesday) to 16 April 2020 (Thursday). Once the relevant documents are retrieved, it serves as confirmation that the parents concerned surrender the S1 school place offered by the College.取回《家長承諾書》及《小六學生資料表》正本的限期將由原定的四月七日(星期二)順延至四月十六日(星期四)。有關文件一經取回,即表示家長放棄書院的中一學位。
Application for S1 Admission 2020-2021 has closed.