Positive Emotions

Positive emotions build the foundation of the flourishing theory. In positive psychology, we try to incorporate the positive emotions like joyfulness, contentment, warmth, and comfort into daily life, of which we can call it a “Pleasant Life”.


Wellness Week aims to promote positive emotions, exposes students to various ways to relieve stress and to enhance their knowledge of mental health problems and help seeking strategies

At HLC, there is a Gratitude Wall to promote gratitude, which is key to positive emotions. Students are invited to write gratitude messages on the wall every year.

Youtuber, Andrew Yuen, founder of 網.想.正, was invited to give students a talk on the pursuit of dream. After his sharing, many students stayed to chat with Mr. Yuen to gain insights on how he can use YouTube to turn his passion into a career.

Project B.E.A.M. was set up in 2015/16. The team aims to bring happiness to people at school and in the community through service and performances. Each letter in the word “BEAM” stands for a core element advocated in the team. These four elements are,

Sense of Belonging,


Accomplishment and


Besides bringing happiness to others, it is hoped that the team also provides a platform for members to socialize, and develop their interests, as well as giving them a sense of accomplishment.

The Joyful@School Campaign, co-organised by the Education Bureau and the Department of Health, have been implemented since the academic year 2016-2017 in primary and secondary schools. The aim of the Campaign is to enhance students’ awareness and understanding of mental health through a series of activities.

As part of S.6 Stress Management Programme, relaxation workshops are held every year before students leave school to sit for DSE. They are taught breathing techniques to calm their minds before exam