Management & Teaching Staff (2019-2020)


Principal Mr Lin Chun Pong
Vice-principal Mr Dennis Mok
Dean of Academic Affairs Committee Ms Laura Ho, Ms Winnie Tang
Dean of Student Affairs Committee Ms Celia Li
Dean of Administration Committee Ms Bonnie Mok
Academic Events Working Group and Reading to Learn Working Group TIC Ms Peggy Chau
Gifted Education and Remediation (GEAR) Working Group TIC Mr Tony Wei
Moral and Civic Education (MCE) Working Group TIC Ms Catherine Ho
Assessment Working Group TIC Mr Leo Lam
Awards Working Group TIC Ms Pinkie Leung
Publications Working Group TIC Ms Nicole Li
Careers Guidance Working Group TIC Ms Joyce Wong
Data Processing Working Group TIC Ms Carol Chow
Discipline Working Group TIC Mr Morris Wong
Guidance Working Group TIC Ms Carrie Chan
Other Learning Experiences (OLE) Working Group TIC Ms Sandy Yeung
Student Bodies Working Group TIC Mr Eddie Sung
Campus Management Working Group TIC Mr Isaac Ng, Ms Coey Woo
IT Support Working Group TIC Mr Andy Wu, Mr Ren Pang
Liaison Working Group TIC Ms Syndi Hui
Student Welfare Working Group TIC Ms Helice Chan

Teaching Staff

Subject Teachers
Biology * Ms Florence Fung, Mr James Fong, Mr Leo Lam
Business, Accounting and Financial Studies * Mr Carson Tse
Chemistry * Ms Joyce Wong, Mr Enoch Shek
Chinese History * Ms Nikita Chan, Mr Jeff Lo, Mr C.S. Chan
Chinese Language and Literature * Ms Pinkie Leung, * Ms Winnie Tang, * Ms Kayee Lee, Ms Helice Chan, Mr Roger Chan, Ms Zoe Cheung, Ms Syndi Hui, Ms Flora Lam, Ms M.W. Lo, Ms Candy Luk, Mr Eddie Sung, Ms Kelly Yu, Ms Helen Wang
Economics * Mr Morris Wong, Ms Jennifer Pao
English Language and Literature in English * Mr Ren Pang, * Mr Tony Wei, Ms Carrie Chan, Mr. Marc Beaton, Mr Shayne Blom, Ms Emily Chan, Mr Jimmy Chan, Ms Renee Chau, Ms Jenny Cheng, Ms Peggy Chau, Ms Nicole Cheng, Ms Seton Lai, Ms Nicole Li, Mr Raymond Hizon, Ms Tracy Hui, Mr Wilson Poon
Geography * Ms Florence Chung, Ms Doris Chan
History * Ms Iris Luk, Ms Celia Li, Ms Kammy Shum
Information and Communications Technology * Mr Andy Wu, Ms Salina Chan
Integrated Science *Mr Leo Lam, Mr James Fong, Ms Florence Fung, Mr Kenson Kwok, Mr Tim Leung, Mr. Enoch Shek
Liberal Studies * Ms Cecile Poon, Ms Doris Chan, Ms Salina Chan, Ms Catherine Ho, Ms Celia Li, Mr Jeff Lo, Ms Jennifer Pao, Ms Kammy Shum
Mathematics * Mr Raymond Mak, * Mr Isaac Ng, Mr Brian Chan, Mr Jack Law, Ms Laura Ho, Mr Andy Lai, Mr Edmond Lo, Mr Dennis Mok, Mr Bryan Wong, Mr Vincent Yau, Mr Tim Yeung, Ms Florence Lam
Music * Ms Sandy Yeung, Ms Katherine Chan
Physical and Health Education * Ms Bonnie Mok, Mr Danny Yeung, Mr Joe Wong
Physics * Mr Kenson Kwok, Mr Tim Leung
Tourism and Hospitality Studies * Mr C.S. Chan
Visual Arts * Ms Coey Woo, Ms Vicky Chu


Class Teachers

Level Class Class Teacher
S.1 1A Ms Nicole Cheng, Ms Seton Lai
1B Mr Wilson Poon, Ms Kelly Yu
1C Mr Shayne Blom, Ms Florence Fung
1D Mr C.S. Chan, Ms Florence Chung
1E Mr Leo Lam, Ms M.W. Lo
S.2 2A Mr Marc Beaton, Ms Iris Luk
2B Ms Doris Chan, Mr James Fong
2C Mr Roger Chan, Ms Salina Chan
2D Ms Flora Lam, Mr Tim Leung
2E Mr Brian Chan, Ms Candy Luk
S.3 3A Ms Florence Lam, Mr Kenson Kwok
3B Ms Joyce Wong, Mr Vincent Yau
3C Ms Syndi Hui, Mr Enoch Shek
3D Ms Nikita Chan, Mr Danny Yeung
3E Ms Jenny Cheng, Mr Andy Wu
S.4 4A Ms Kammy Shum
4B Ms Kayee Lee
4C Ms Tracy Hui
4D Ms Helen Wang
4E Ms Renee Chau
S.5 5A Mr Andy Lai
5B Mr Jimmy Chan
5C Ms Helice Chan
5D Ms Peggy Chau
5E Mr Isaac Ng
S.6 6A Mr Raymond Mak
6B Mr Tony Wei
6C Ms Carrie Chan
6D Mr Ren Pang
6E Mr Edmond Lo