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Tuition Fee 學費

The tuition fees for S1-S3 and S4-S6 in School Year 2016-2017 are respectively HK$22,800 and HK$34,200 per year.  We are now applying for a school fee revision for School Year 2017-2018.  If approved, the tuition fees will be HK$23,700 for S1-S3 and HK$35,550 for S4-S6 per year.

2016-2017年度中一至中三級全年學費為港幣22,800元正,中四至中六為港幣34,200元正 。本校已向教育局申請2017-2018年度學費調整,若成功批核,中一至中三級全年學費將為港幣23,700元正,中四至中六將為港幣35,550元正 。