Please take note of the following reminders:

Face-to-face Pre-S1 Presentation


  • The enrolment will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Successful applicants will receive an email confirming the registration of the event on 6th November (1:00p.m.)


  • Due to limited venue space, each student can attend the face-to-face event with ONE parent only.


  • The Presentation Day will be conducted in English.


  • To facilitate the process of enrolment, please do not submit multiple applications.


  • Applicants do not need to enroll for the live session, as they will receive an email with the link for live broadcast on 24th November (1:00p.m.) if they fail to register for the face-to-face session.


  • Interested parties please click the link or scan the QR code below for enrolment.   Application starts on 1 November 2023 (1:00p.m.)


Last but not least, please read through the digital copies of our Prospectus ( and the report of External School Review ( for the features of the College and highlights of student achievements
before the event. Thank you for your attention.






  • 名額將按先到先得形式分配。書院將於11月6日下午一時電郵申請人核實出席實體簡介會。


  • 座位有限,每名學生只能由一位家長陪同出席實體簡介會。


  • 簡介會將以英語進行。


  • 為加快登記進度,請勿重複登記


  • 毋須同時填報網上環節。如未能成功登記實體簡介會,申請人將於11月24日下午一時獲發電郵收取網上直播連結。


  • 如欲參加實體簡介會,請點擊下列連結或掃描二維碼登記。   報名於2023年11月1日下午一時開始