HKUxHLC MOOC Initiative

For the third consecutive year, HLC are working with HKU Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative (TELI), led by Prof. Ricky Kwok, Associate Vice President of HKU, for MOOC mentorship-based learning.

With the support from their teacher mentors and HKU TELI, many HLC MOOCs student mentees have completed MOOCs from world-renowned institutes like Harvard, MIT, Stanford University, John Hopkins University and HKU. Not only does this show HLC students have quality to excel in the top universities, but it also highlights the school’s vision in nurturing students to progress through active and self-directed learning. Starting from this year, 120 Secondary One students from HLC will be engaged in the New MOOC Initiative offered by HKU TELI. Apart from the training session provided by HKU TELI, HLC students will be given the chance to attend lectures offered by designated departments at HKU and a MOOC conference will be conducted at the end of the term for the students to share their MOOC experience.